Yoga and Earth Medicine Retreat with Teal Chimblo Fyrberg

Yoga and Earth Medicine Retreat

With Teal Chimblo Fyrberg
August 19-21, 2016 at Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC, outside Asheville

The ancients of Peru foretold of the very special period of time that is now upon us. They call it the Taripay Pacha, or “The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.”

Come meet yourself in the mountains! Play…Rest… and Transform with ease.

Here are some of the highlights of our retreat:

  • Enjoy the rejuvenation and relaxation of daily yoga sessions for your body and soul. Our focus will be, (you guessed it!) the element of Earth and how its deep medicine can enrich our practice.
  • Gain deep wisdom from the earth — learn plants and stones that you can find near you, (or grow if you are a dirt digging enthusiast like me!), and how to use them to make your life more joyful, abundant and healthy.

Learn ancient traditions and rituals adapted for what you need most in your life right now. (Need clarity? Abundance? Deeper intuition? To rewrite the story of your life?…there is a ritual for that!).
  • Create your own Medicine Bag, and receive the gift of some special earth medicines (think stones, elixirs, and other sacred items) chosen specifically for you and what you need most at that moment (we will have some Pre-Retreat Circles in cyberspace so that I will know what to bring for your bag.) We will adorn and add to these bags together (a little fun for your crafty side) and infuse them with power and intention during our rituals together.
  • Be deeply nourished by 6 delicious, organic meals (plus snacks, tea and coffee) prepared by our personal chef.

Rest in the tranquility of your double occupancy room in the beautiful Bend of Ivy retreat lodge (sign-up with your friends for some slumber party time!).
  • Enjoy connecting with a circle of beautiful souls, walk the gorgeous trails and labyrinth of this 63-acre retreat center in the height of its summer bloom (we will have it all to our self!), or do whatever else your heart desires.
  • This is an intimate retreat so you can count on personal attention and the opportunity to get to know the wonderful people in our circle.
  • Visit the Bend of Ivy Lodge Retreat center website to see the magnificent place in the Appalachian mountains where we will enjoy our retreat. Our retreat starts Friday, August 19th at 5pm and we will close our circle Sunday, August 21st after lunch.

    This is just what I need! Sign me up!

    Need more details? Here they are…

  • Yoga for Your Body and Soul Path
    The heart of our earth medicine will be exploring how we inhabit, as Mary Oliver says, “the soft animal of our bodies.” Discovering new ways to become more present with yourself and to deepening your connection to Pachamama — our sweet Mother Earth. You will enjoy daily yoga sessions and go home inspired and with a whole new toolkit for your personal sadhana (yoga practice).
  • The Earth Laughs in Flowers…and Stones
    It’s me, so you KNOW there will be deep stone and plant magick afoot! Discover the joy and healing that comes from connecting with the plants and stones of Appalachia (lots of these grow right outside your back door too!) We have 63 acres of trails, a healing garden of medicinal plants, a labyrinth, the incredible Big Ivy River and a sweet koi pond to explore together. I chose the month of August for our retreat when Mother Earth is bursting with life. You will leave knowing how to identify and use many plants and stones to solve the problems you encounter in every day life; things like stress, anxiety, insomnia and a lack of clarity in your Soul Path.
  • Make Your Own Magick…and Medicine Bag
    Ritual is an action, a space, a powerful catalyst for change, and the deepest magick I know. We will weave this magick together through the simple, yet powerful technologies of the ancients (think Indian, Peruvian, Native American and Hawaiian!) You will go home lighter (rituals are great for shedding baggage), with deeper clarity and focus, and empowered to follow your dharma (Soul Path).We will create medicine bags together (your crafty, creative side will love this as much as your magickal heart) that will form the basis for a ritual toolkit you can use with the techniques you’ve learned when you head back to every day life.
  • Space Heals and Transforms
    We will do a lot together, but please know I am building lots of SPACE into this retreat as well. There will be time for you to wander the trails, connect with friends (old and new) or just sip a cup of tea by the pond while you dream and wonder. This will truly be a time for you to retreat from the busy grind of daily life and meet yourself again in the peace and quiet of nature.
  • Deep and Delicious Nourishment
    We are going to eat really well! I have arranged for us to have a personal chef. Yep, with heaps of local, organic food (some of it grown right there on the farm at the retreat center.) Our chef can accommodate all your dietary needs, from Vegan to Paleo. If you’ve been struggling with eating healthy, or just need a break from cooking, this will be a great way to reconnect and be inspired by healthy food.

    Your investment for the entire retreat program is only $650 if you sign-up by May 1st, and $699 after that.

    I’m ready to head to the mountains and relax! Sign me up!

    Terms and Conditions: your payment includes a non-refundable $300 deposit. No refunds will be given after June 18th, but you may transfer your spot to another loved one.