Testimonials for Obsidian Butterfly Elixirs and Wild Katuah Healing Arts

Teal is a powerful healer deeply connected with the Earth. Her methods are humble, creative, and absolutely rich in wisdom and compassion. She contains deep intuitive knowing that guides her in making medicines and working with clients. Teal is a rare gem herself. You will be lucky to nourish of her magic!


I took a full day workshop on yoga and natural healing alternatives and it was AMAZING! Great yoga, delicious food, and a ton of information on natural healing remedies that grow all around you. Teal taught us how to identify plants that grow locally, what they can be used for, and how to use them. I took pages of notes so I wouldn’t forget anything and I can’t wait for the next one!

— Danielle

I took Teal’s full day workshop with yoga on healing herbs found in your own backyard. The day started off with a wonderful yoga class followed by a lovely lunch and then we got down to the work of identifying herbs (lovingly called weeds in my home). We learned how they can be used for all kinds of ailments. We even got to create a tincture to take home and then another fabulous yoga class. The workshop was intimate so I got to meet some wonderful people, the information fascinating, and Teal’s energy made me feel so happy to be there…. I would highly recommend any and all of her classes!!!

— Jo Dee

Teal is one of those women who embodies complete uniqueness. Her study of numerous disciplines in healing are treasures for all to be nourished by. Teal’s workshops are an opportunity for people to come together in an engrossing, compassionate, relaxing environment. Teal is a highly intelligent, loving, nurturing teacher….a true enchantress of our time.


I have received stone treatments and taken private yoga sessions with Teal, her loving presence and ability to intuitively work with the root of the cause is amazing. She has a gentle directive energy and is one of the best yoga teachers I know!


Teal assisted me in strengthening my back both before and after highly invasive surgery for severe scoliosis. Her superlative knowledge of the body and how it works helped me to gain confidence and muscle support in a body ravaged by disability. She adapted more difficult stretches to my ability so that I would not have pain and therefore would continue to work to heal my back. She is highly professional, but also warm and understanding with a very good sense of humour.


Teal, the Mandala Workshop was just awesome! Thank you for your leadership in gathering everyone of common spirits together. It was a moving experience and very enjoyable! I am so glad that I decided to attend. The space felt perfect and the music was most definitely inspiring to the overall experience. I felt safe at all times and I felt so young and joyful!  Interesting . .very interesting experience. My mandala is attached and I am so proud of the meaningful process that it represents. Thank you, Teal!  You are an amazing spiritual teacher. Namaste!


EXCEPTIONAL products, ingredients and bodywork from a woman who knows her business and lives the lifestyle! Teal is the true example of healer and is extremely knowledgeable in various healing art modalities.

—Natalie Fox

Teal is one of the most beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her inner peace is contagious and heart warming. Love this girl.


Teal Chimblo Fyrberg is a fantastic yoga instructor. She is encouraging and extremely knowledgeable, especially when I was working through some lower back pain. Teal was able to modify my participation in the class to reduce pain and further injury, while taking into account the other, more advanced, students. I would highly recommend Teal to anyone who enjoys yoga. She is a wonderful teacher!


Teal is one of the most outstanding yoga teachers I have ever worked with. When I was pregnant with my son, her prenatal class helped to prepare me for labor both physically and emotionally. I ended up having a C-Section and I am convinced that my quick recovery can be contributed to Teal’s excellent instruction and knowledge of how our bodies work. I would recommend Teal’s classes to anyone, but especially her prenatal instruction. It was beneficial and helped me appreciate my pregnancy even more.


I took my first series of yoga courses with Teal at Blissful Body Yoga. The body positions and basic principles established in these classes have carried me far. Teal taught the beginning course with dedication to form to avoid injury and focus on the physical benefits of each pose. The class was often filled with students at different levels. Teal did a great job keeping each student motivated as they progressed into additional poses without letting the beginner student become lost or frustrated.


I took Teal’s Blissful Body Yoga classes, and as a Law Enforcement Officer I found it a very good stress relief and it energized me after long hours on the job. I would recommend Teal as an instructor for any Law Enforcement or Military personnel. The core training improved my self-defense and could not be beat. She is able to teach the very new to yoga to the very serious experienced yoga students.