Rock Your Pelvis: yoga and stones workshops in March!

Rock Your Pelvis: yoga and stones to unleash the power in your hips! workshop is being offered at two locations in North Carolina in March 2015.

REGISTER HERE FOR: Sundara Yoga, Lowell, NC.
March 14, 2015 10AM-2PM. (Early bird price ends March 7)

REGISTER HERE FOR: Wild Katuah Healing Arts, Asheville, NC. March 28, 2015 10AM-2PM (Early bird price ends March 7)

Come explore the connections between the subtle work of yoga asana and the harmonious energies of stones and crystals.

The lower chakras located in the pelvic bowl, combined with the solar plexus chakra, carry the seed energies of our sexuality, creativity, vitality and will. These areas also carry our deepest connections to our Shadow—our deepest fears, greatest traumas, even ancestral wounds. Both sides must be honored and acknowledged for us to walk through our lives feeling grounded, enlivened and free.

 In this workshop you will:

Release —Empower—Ground… the power in your pelvis through yoga, sacred movement and connection to 4 stones (crystals).

Receive four stones to work with in class and take with you for your home practice.

Discover the energies and uses of the 4 stones according to an ancient Taoist lineage, and how to connect with the stones and use them in your yoga practice and daily life.

Learn the meanings and energies of the “Lower Triangle” chakras, and how to connect them to your heart chakra.

Move into correct alignment in yoga postures that access the deep energies of the pelvis. Proper alignment brings ease, and is vital for optimum flow of life force in the body!

Access deeper states of meditation through restorative postures and connections to the stones.

Learn how to properly clean and charge your stones.

Make connections with others as you work within the safety of the sacred container of our class.

Find a new sense of empowerment and joy on your journey through life.

And more…

What you need to bring, timeframe and cost:

Your yoga mat
Journal and pen
Your open heart

Duration of workshop: 4 hours
Cost: EARLY BIRD: $75 (ends March 7th) Regular cost: $85. (Your tuition includes $20 worth of stones to take home with you.)


About Teal
Teal Chimblo Fyrberg is a teacher, healer and artist. She facilitates the empowerment of individuals through yoga, nourishing food, plant and stone medicine and creative expression so that they may follow their Soul Path with vitality and joy. Teal lives in the ancient and wild mountains of Appalachia in Asheville, NC. She owns Wild Katuah Healing Arts, Obsidian Butterfly Stone and Plant Elixirs and a 10 acre farm, River Song Mountain Sanctuary, where she grows medicinal herbs and learns from the deep magick of Mother Earth. Learn much more at <>  <>