Stone and Crystal Matrix Grids. Unique, one of a kind designs. Created for use in healing and sacred work. Created by Teal Chimblo Fyrberg at Obsidian Butterfly Elixirs in Asheville, North Carolina.

Water Song, Stone and Crystal Matrix Grid
Water Song, Stone and Crystal Matrix Grid

This is a wonderful stone and crystal matrix featuring, Rainbow Fluorite, Sodalite, Chrysoprase, Orange Calcite and Blue Tiger's Eye. A matrix that has the dissolving and moving power of water...let her sing to you as you do this deep work.

This combination of stones will help the individual who is:

Ready to erase the chalk board and start again.

These stones will enable you to separate the "clear from the turbid" in your life. Gaining clarity and releasing old "ghosts" and "worms"…things infesting your life, and holding you back. Rainbow Fluorite holds the center of this matrix and it not only helps to break addictive patterns and clear out these old, gripped or stuck emotions and physical afflictions, it also draws in clarity and increases psychic attunement so that you can better seek guidance from Higher Realms.

Sodalite: for releasing things that are gripped and stuck: old patterns, ghosts, things that haunt you in your life, often connected to fear, guilt and regret. Helps to restore your faith in your life. A very calming stone that helps with insomnia and anxiety. Sodalite has a fluid nature, it moves and soothes.

Blue Tiger's Eye:  separates the "clear from the turbid," helping you to find what is essential and must be kept, and what needs to be released forever. The color and depth of this stone is amazing and hard to capture in a photo.

Chrysoprase: soothing, cooling, moving, calms the Shen (spirit and heart), unseats anger and stubbornness, soothes the over active mind & body, and heals the inner child. This stone feels like being cradled by a loved one in a cool, running stream.

Orange Calcite: here is a little "yang fire" to keep the "formula" of this stone and crystal matrix moving. Calcites are warming and incredible for releasing acute states. So as you work with this matrix and things come to the surface, orange calcite will help to sweep them clear with ease. It also works on those "sticky" things that are hard to clear, and activates your solar plexus chakra giving you the will and strong resolve to carry on with your Soul Work and realize your true Soul Path with abundance and joy. An amazing stone for those suffering the effects of PTSD.

May this matrix stone and crystal matrix find the person who needs it most and bring deep healing on their path. 

Stone and crystal matrix grids can be used on the body, or in your environment to clear, harmonize, focus and enhance energy and intention.

All stone and crystal matrix grids come in their own Obsidian Butterfly Elixirs linen bag with instructions for on-the-body layouts and other uses.

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