History and Credentials

Stone Medicine is one of the most ancient forms of healing. It was used by the Taoist long before Chinese Medicine, and stones were utilized in the earliest forms of acupuncture. They contain the molecular and mineral building blocks for all life on our planet and the Universe that surrounds us.

Teal has always had a deep connection with the stones and has used them intuitively in her massage and energy healing offerings for many years. They are deep companions in her life journey.

Teal is certified in Stone Medicine through Sarah Thomas’ program at the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism in Asheville. The deep wisdom she received in this program draws directly from Sarah’s teacher, 88th generation Taoist priest Jeffrey C. Yuen. Teal offers deepest pranaams (offerings of gratitude) to both these teachers and the lineage they hold.


The Alchemy of Elixirs and Their Uses

Teal creates stone elixirs guided by the ancient lineage she has studied, the cycles of the moon and turning of the seasonal wheel, and intuitive wisdom. They are crafted in nature and with love.

Some elixirs are created in tincture form, meaning the extractions are preserved in alcohol and are taken orally.

Some elixirs are formulated as creams and salves, incorporating oils infused with plants from Teal’s farm (River Song Mountain Sanctuary), or responsibly wild crafted in the mountains. These are used on the body.


Healing Treatments from Teal

Teal offers Stone Medicine sessions as well as Personalized Holistic Programs from her center, Wild Katuah Healing Arts, in Asheville, North Carolina. She also offers distance healing work and consultations by phone and Skype or FaceTime.

During treatments, which last about an hour, stones are laid in patterns upon the body utilizing Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture meridians and intuitive guidance. Stone elixir prescriptions are also often given.


Strong Medicine

Stone Medicine goes deep to the “yuan,” or Soul Level. It goes beyond the alleviation of symptoms to the roots of our sufferings, and helps us to find deep and lasting healing. Some conditions that can be helped by Stone Medicine are:

-acute/chronic illness



-thyroid dysfunction


-sleep disorders

-emotional imbalance

-gastrointestinal disorders



-menstrual related issues



-chronic stress

-fatigue/adrenal fatigue

-low libido

-and many more (feel free to email me with any questions)